What our clients say about us.

Infolog is privileged to service many of New Zealand’s leading organisations in both the public and corporate sectors. We work with many great people who are committed to their roles and keen to do the best job they can.

We value these relationships and are proud to say we’re trusted by New Zealand’s best. We believe we hold this valued position because no matter what size the organisation or project, we are dedicated to providing quality solutions that deliver the greatest possible cost savings and return on investment. It’s our job to help them do their job.

At Infolog we treat our clients as we would want to be treated ourselves. When we recently reached out to ask if they would offer some words about our service, we did not expect the volume or the response we would get.

Below are a collection of testimonials from our clients across a vast range of our key industries:

Intelligence Analyst – Government Department

“Infolog’s comprehensive data products are utilised across several of our business units, including their search Portal and customised search reports. As a Government entity involved in licensing and enforcement, we demand the highest standards from our service providers, and Infolog have always delivered. More recently we’ve worked with Infolog on a bulk data project, which Infolog have delivered on time and on budget, leading to actionable intelligence invaluable to our organisation.”

Investigation Team Leader – Government

“I supervise a team of investigators and we have used Info Logistics as a tool to support and enhance their work for many years. In a single request, we access a width of data which would take 5 x the amount of time to individually search, it also provides that information in an easily readable, and thus reproducible form, all in a timeframe that reduces the investigation time and thus cost.”

Director Operations – Finance Company

“We’ve been using Infolog for over three years now and I cannot recommend their system highly enough. Having previously used multiple interfaces for various searches, the combination of everything we need within Infolog has dramatically improved staff efficiency and reduced our costs. It’s easy to use and the fact that everything is in one place makes it the most convenient solution on the market.”

Director, Private Investigation Company - Nationwide

“Infolog is the only portal that offers a desktop investigator one single site to gather correct, quick and comprehensive intelligence. As a 40-year veteran investigator, I can testify to the cost-efficiency and accuracy of Infolog.”

Manager Fraud and Investigations – Government

“Infolog went way ‘above and beyond’ to assist our agency. We routinely access a particular publicly-available database through the Infolog portal on an enquiry-by-enquiry basis. When I learned about the frustrations another team in our agency had with obtaining that data in a way that was useful for them, I asked Murray if the Infolog team could assist. After a trial run and further discussion about address de-duplication, which Infolog are experts in, Infolog securely delivered 50,000 unique records matched and sorted to our agency’s identifiers, permitting an immediate upload to our database. Our ICT and (NN) teams were delighted.”

Insolvency / Accountant – Large NZ Corporate

“Infolog consolidates company information and provides that information in an easy to use format. The ability to export PPSR searches into an Excel format and then merge those fields for an easy mail distribution to secured parties has saved significant time and cost to our firm. It was historically a nightmare to print PPSR searches for larger companies and to then compose a report from many pages of security interests. Infolog is simple to use and provides a significant time/cost benefit with the ability to export to excel or save to pdf. It is an excellent resource for the investigative accountant.”

Underwriting Manager – Insurance Company

“A service that has stood the test of time and has evolved and developed to meet the demands of our ever-changing business environment. User-friendly, seamless, information at your fingertips, with a personal touch with the answer to any enquires.”

Manager Fraud and Investigations – Government

“Our agency delivers financial products to a sizeable number of households in New Zealand each year as part of a Government programme. Integrity and security are vitally important in managing taxpayer-funded programmes. Infolog helps our agency verify applicant identity and eligibility, as well as providing smart data analytics that provides assurance of compliance with all conditions for the life of the product. Dealing with sensitive personal and financial information means Infolog has to meet the highest standards of information security and integrity. Infolog passed the GCIO security screening on first application.”

Insurance Investigator

“Infolog is without question the ‘go to’ info portal for the Insurance industry. It is a one-stop shop and I rarely have to worry about searches on databases outside Infolog, such are the developments, expansions and innovations that continue to improve the service available. The online training modules are short and concise meaning any new services or search portals are easy to learn how to drive.”

Director Intelligence and Operations – Government

“Infolog provides a key component to our ability to provide high quality intelligence product. Their service and support is highly professional and is excellent value.”

Insurance – Claims Officer

“I have been using Infolog for approximately three years, as an important tool as part of my role as a claims officer. I would use the Infolog services daily, which provides very useful information to myself and the company. Another thing I’d like to say, is the technical support is very fast and efficient.”

Senior Claims Consultant – Insurance Company

“I use Infolog daily, and find it quick and easy to use. When I had trouble logging in when I first set up my account, the service was excellent and quickly resolved. It’s great that I can group the various searches I use under one reference number.”

Investigations Manager – Government Investigations and Advice

“This service is just so much quicker and more responsive than our inhouse version. All the due diligence is done for you and the Infolog responses to any suggestions are in near real time.”

Senior Customer Services Officer – Insurance Company

“Infolog is invaluable for the motor vehicle insurance industry – I can’t see how our company could function as efficiently without it. Our customer services team utilise Infolog Searches on a daily basis to ensure correct contact and vehicle details for clients.”

Private Investigator

“Intelligence information available easily and cost-effectively. Infolog makes our job as trace investigators simple.”

Government – Audit

“Infolog is one of a kind and provides vital information to an investigator.”

Government – Licensing Process

“Infolog does what you want it to do, every time, with as little extra work as possible.”

Government – Senior Investigator

“Infolog gives you the full range of investigative tools in one comprehensive and efficient tool box. It records all searches and results and makes it easy to manage and use the findings.”

Private Investigator

“The reason we use Infolog is the formats are easy to understand and there is a thorough record of both our queries and responses easily at hand for auditing purposes. We also appreciate that you have considered what our needs are and have attempted to respond accordingly. It is great having a one-stop shop where we can compile a reliable dossier in a timely manner and which will stand up to evidential scrutiny”.

Private Investigator

“Infolog is a one-stop shop for almost all data sources an investigator needs. An excellent resource for database information used for investigations is gathered in one portal with an audit trail for completeness.“

Government - Integrity Services Auditor

“We find the Infolog Portal an excellent one-stop shop for validation and checks such as company directors, property ownership and vehicle ownership. The ability to interrogate publications with telephone numbers we hold can really add value to our investigations and give good insights into the individuals we have an interest in. The entity search feature is an effective and efficient way in which to bring together a good over view of the individual we have an interest in.”

Private Investigator

“Our company has subscribed to Infolog for approximately the last five months, after a recommendation from others. Having now used the service a number of times we find it to be a worthy investigative tool when attempting to locate persons when other means have been unsuccessful. It is easy to access when in the field and on occasions when the address provided is not current, it has on most occasions provided an avenue of enquiry that has led to the location of the person sort. I consider the service to be reasonably priced with support staff that are friendly and readily available. I have no reservation in recommending the service to others and have done so.”

Government Auditor

“Saves time and multiple searches, data is accurate and everything is saved and available.”

Government – Audit

“Excellent customer service. They deliver what they say they will and are continuously improving the product.”

Insurance - Senior Customer Services Officer

”“Infolog is invaluable for the motor vehicle insurance industry – I can’t see how our company could function as efficiently without it. Our customer services team utilizes Infolog Searches on a daily basis to ensure correct contact and vehicle details for clients.”

Private Investigator

“An Infolog subscription is a must for any investigation business that purports to be professional. Infolog are to be commended for the reliability of the services and data provided.”

Private Investigator

“I love Infolog for its intuitive feel when searching for answers. The searches are easily to retrieve at a later date and I have assurance that Infolog has my confidentiality at heart .“

Government Investigator

“As a government investigator, I regard it as a valuable tool in putting a lot of evidence in one search engine with the ability to obtain multiple reports”.