We bring together New Zealand’s most extensive range of information sources into one unique service, making your business more productive, secure, and innovative.

Infolog is a service orientated company, our focus is to serve.
Information is an infinite game, it will never end. We accept our client’s information needs will always change, what they need today will not be the same as next year.

“Infolog provides a key component to our ability to provide high-quality intelligence products.
Their service and support is highly professional and is excellent value.”

Director Intelligence and Operations – NZ Government

How we support you to unleash the power of information.

Business Process Automation


Audit, Compliance & Investigations


Proof of Identity (AML/CFT - Beneficial Owner)

Data Validation & Maintenance


Claims management

On-boarding services (for licensing, clients or providers)


Credit Reporting and Credit Control



Employee vetting

Insolvency (including Asset search and verification)

Debt collection (incl. trace & location services)

Monitoring solutions

Smartphone applications

Infolog Search Portal Services

Fully auditable one-stop information environment that reduces risk, while increasing speed and productivity. READ MORE

Infolog Custom Reports

Custom reports run multiple queries which are then returned with a scored summary page, with the relevant reports attached. READ MORE

Business Process Automation

BPA is the technology-enabled automation of business processes. It can streamline a business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality and delivery, contain costs, reduce risk, and increase productivity. READ MORE

Infolog Notification Service

You will be notified when your selected ‘detail of interest’ within an entity changes. READ MORE

Infolog Bulk Search Service

With application in areas such as Conflict of Interest, AML and General data verification bulk search enables you to streamline processes. READ MORE

Infolog Service Layer / APIs

Infolog Service Layers/API’s and Cognitive API’s. Infolog provides a range of Application Protocol Interfaces (APIs) to integrate our services into your business systems. READ MORE

Infolog Procurement Services

Infolog offers multiple services to support your procurement process. With input from Government and Corporate clients, we have developed an ‘Onboarding – Client or Supplier’ report. READ MORE

Infolog Smartphone APP

Infolog can deliver or partner with your chosen mobile application software development company and help you develop apps that add value to your business and your customers. READ MORE

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“Infolog’s comprehensive data products are utilised across several of our business units, including their search Portal and customised search reports. As a Government entity involved in licensing and enforcement, we demand the highest standards from our service providers, and Infolog has always delivered. More recently we’ve worked with Infolog on a bulk data project, which Infolog have delivered on time and on budget, leading to actionable intelligence invaluable to our organisation.”

Director Intelligence and Operations – NZ Government

Infolog Datasets

Your instant data repository. We offer datasets and services to support business processes.

AML – Anti Money Laundering

Infolog provides all the tools and guidance to be fully compliant for AML. Click below to learn more.

Privacy & Compliance

To us, information management is the key component, not just selling information to users.


Protect your brand and know who you are doing business with. Infolog offers multiple NZ based and International services to support your procurement processes.