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The Infolog Way focuses on data management at an organisational level by design and by default. Our vision is to reduce risk while increasing the “speed and value” achieved by our customers.

About Us

The Infolog journey began many years ago in the Massey University business incubator on their Albany Campus in Auckland.

At that time we offered a single unique solution based around an advertising dataset which we promoted to government and corporate clients.

However, one of Infolog’s main attributes is that we actively listen and what we continually heard was “We wish there was one place to come and get everything!”. The idea of the Infolog Information Hub or Portal was born !!

But we didn’t just start building the service, we approached two of our larger government clients and a large insurance client with the concept. We secured their input at multiple levels in the scoping and build process. We saw little value building from the outside if we didn’t capture what they all saw as essential requirements.

We interviewed people at multiple levels within these partner businesses; the users of information at the coalface, team leaders, middle management, senior management, help-desks, procurement, privacy officers, and the audit risk and assurance people.

Further to this we then consulted the owners of the source datasets (Companies office, NZTA etc) from which we intended to provide services.

The objective we agreed on was a fit-for-purpose information system built on sound fundamentals and capturing and catering to the real-world needs of clients.

We have many people to thank for both their time and input during this extended process. Together they helped architect something that is truly “on point” as you will see from our many testimonials.

Two of the key Infolog people at that time were Murray Towers and Rebecca Ewert who brought some essential elements. Murray’s long Police career in particular his time as a CIB detective brought a very practical, analytical dimension that proved crucial to the development of the Infolog system itself, with his experience in investigation planning, management and interpretation of data and information. Rebecca’s extensive legal background in the New Zealand Defence Force brought oversight, her key skills lay in law, management, and systems development, especially in the field of decision support applications.

All of the above combined to develop the ‘Infolog Way’ based on the following principles:

  • While information is the lifeblood of the decision process in all organisations, access to information is a privilege, not a right.
  • The growth of legislation and compliance requirements place many demands on all organisations concerning access, viewing and retention of information. Non-compliance is not an option.
  • Clients must be able to easily control and visualise multiple information sources at an organisational level.
  • Information or data is dynamic. The service must be able to evolve and meet the changing requirements of clients.
  • Support is essential at all levels. Short weekly introduction sessions for new users which focus on system functionality to maximise the productivity and value for the user, supported by a suite of online training modules for the various search services, or role-based training for teams based on their needs.

To us, information management is the key component; it’s not just about selling information to users. We appreciate that organisations need a single and digestible view of all the information which drives their business processes and facilitates decisions. In scoping we found organisations with multiple accounts to a external source because of how the budget was allocated. Infolog allows multiple groups each with an option of having a cost centre, each can receive their own account.

This single view is one of the key elements to identify and start the process of ‘Business Process Automation’. (We have multiple options to assist here…)

Together our vision is to reduce risk while increasing the “speed and value” achieved by our customers.

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