Infolog Procurement


Procurement Support

Your procurement team and the processes it applies are critical to your business. It’s essential you protect your brand, know who you are doing business with, and ensure diversity of supply.

Infolog provides access to multiple information services both New Zealand and International which can be utilised in supporting the procurement process for our clients. These services range from basic credit reporting through to full due diligence.

We also offer custom on-boarding reports which can be tailored to meet your business needs. These reports can reduce the costs of your processes while improving consistency and accuracy. 

Be aware of changes and ensure diversity of supply

Infolog’s Notification service further supports your procurement process and reduces business risk, as it automatically monitors for changes in a supplier’s structure or name. 

Infolog provides a complete Notification Management Suite which allows you to easily manage all your procurement notifications in one place, either individually or in bulk. This suite was developed to scale with a Government client and many now see this as an essential part of the service.  

Infolog Bulk Services

Infolog also offers some bulk data services outside the Portal, which can be utilised in procurement.

Where bulk data is transferred, Infolog hosts a secure file transfer server that supports SSH SFTP and HTTPS web client access. The server can perform both public key authentication with password for SFTP connections and IP white listing. The solution is HIPAA Compliant and FIPS 140-2 validated, with full logging and auditing.


Review your existing providers

These are generally undertaken outside the Portal as a bulk service working with you auditor. 

Conflict of interest. We have found more than one provider with connections the organisation was not aware of.

Validation of your customer data can also be undertaken with the Bulk Search service.