Privacy and compliance in data management

Infolog was designed with input from multiple organisations, including people in senior management, privacy officers, and risk and assurance experts.

Information is the lifeblood in most business or decision processes. However, any time you access information you need to consider how you manage that access from a Risk and Compliance, data stewardship perspective.

Privacy legislation globally is guiding us to change from old primarily complaints-based or reactive systems of oversight, to a system that facilitates a proactive oversight of privacy risk.

As a reference point, we direct your attention to Te Kawa Mataaho (NZ Public Service Commission) Guidelines on Information Gathering and Public Trust (2018). These Guidelines provide a blueprint for the management and use of information collected by government agencies. They also introduce standards to strengthen transparency and consistency.


How we support you: 

Infolog supports your ‘Transparency, Governance, and Oversight’ requirements

  • You have no control over that which you cannot see. Clients can view audit and usage reports to support and attest they have full visibility and control of the external information your people access.
    • internal information can also be made available via the service
  • Support with on-line training modules and a user-interface which keeps users advised of their legislative requirements, any required consent, and/or lawful purpose issues.
  • Custom built pages can ensure consistency and assist business process automation.

Privacy by design within a secure environment clients enjoy the ability to easily visualise and control information across all business units. It’s a business advantage that enhances workflow and productivity.

  • Low cost, quick and easy implementation – can scale up and down quickly (Covid + earthquakes as examples).
  • Visibility: Oversight, one simple dashboard provides full visibility and control of all information services.
  • Control: The agency has full control and can add or remove access to any search service at any time, and at any level – Organisation, User Group, or individual user.
  • Functionality: Admin rights can be centralised or shared so Group Admins can manage and review their own user group or groups with simple usage and audit reporting online.
  • System UI guides users in compliance issues such as lawful purpose and consent requirements.

With a single view of information across all business units identify best practice and build smarter business processes.

Potential to build custom search pages or API’s

  • Full usage and reporting options providing detail at every level: organisation, user group, user, cost centre, query type, file or user. All exportable to csv.
  • API usage is also captured in the audit trail.
  • Streamlines your business, driving productivity and increasing service quality, delivery, and employee satisfaction.
  • Through BPA, a business will contain costs and reduce risk and human error.

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