Infolog Data Services.

Infolog provides clients with access to New Zealand’s most comprehensive and user-friendly array of information sources. We make information simple, secure and productive for your people. Smart organisations know they need to be able to control and visualise the flow of information across their business – and then build and optimise their business processes around that flow.

Infolog Search Services include:

In today’s disruptive world, organisations need to access information in a fluid, dynamic way. Infolog makes the whole process simple and intuitive. At the same time, we make your business more productive, secure and innovative.

Our User Interface is optimised for quick building of custom search pages to meet client requirements. Many of these services are supported by Infolog Notification Services, which advise of changes in any entity. (AML/KYC + general business applications).


Motor Vehicle Registration database


NZTA Search Service (Driver Licence)


Infolog extended NZBN/ Company Report

Infolog Online advertising search capability


Global Company Search


On-boarding – supplier or client


Insolvency and trustee service

Global identity and KYC services

Infolog Tracing Service


Building Consent information


Credit reporting (multiple services available)


Charities Register

Property valuation & rating information

New Zealand Post Change of Address

Comprehensive Internet search of ‘search nodes’, including multiple phone and PO Box algorithms.

Department of Internal Affairs Identity Service (NZ births, passport and citizenship data).

Infolog Asset Search – deep search for assets (company and individual versions).

PPSR (Personal Property Security Registers) including New Zealand and Australia registers

Infolog Identity Plus, which allows the user to select the documents they wish to verify, combined with other sources of both identity and location data into a single view.

World Check One (Organisation and Person) – Thomson Reuters. Global risk-based due diligence, providing worldwide screening for sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), law enforcement and other bodies

Infolog Property Search – land information dataset for searches against land and property information

International ID verification with Lexis Nexis – 32 countries’ coverage data leveraged from high quality sources

NZBN (Companies+) Register. NZBN search includes Companies, Unincorporated Entities (such as Sole Trader, Partnerships, and Trusts), other business registers (Charitable Trust, Building Societies, Credit Unions, Friendly Societies, Incorporated Societies, Industrial and Provident Societies, Limited Partnerships (NZ), Limited Partnership (Overseas), Special Bodies and Government Agencie