Infolog Services.

Infolog Search Portal

Your one-stop information environment that reduces risk, while increasing speed and productivity. Users have one login to multiple information sources, and you control the datasets each group or user can access.

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  • Drill down accelerators – instant search on the findings.
  • Extended reports to enhance decision making.
  • We can customise Portal searches to meet a business need.
  • Report export options to .pdf, .csv/excel, email, and visualisation tools. Bulk export of multiple report results is available for specific services (e.g. PPSR).
  • Sharing capability between groups to support your business processes.
  • Video-on-demand training and reference.
  • Management reporting functions provide detailed usage reporting to assist both with your compliance requirements as well as real-time reporting options such as usage or $ spend via file, cost centre, group, query type. Exportable to .csv.

Infolog Bulk Search Service

Bulk Search enables you to consolidate search tasks and streamline processes. Verifying, checking, updating, enhancing can all be done in bulk. We can provide bulk extracts of data to your specification from our data sets.

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  • Anti-money laundering confirmations and validation of your customer data can be undertaken with the Bulk Search service.
  • Relationships between parties can be explored and exposed, supporting Conflict of Interest audits, or at a procurement level to ensure diversity of supply and meet internal risk requirements.
  • If you need to extend the data you have, such as adding postcodes GIS or directors, we compare your data with ours and provide the additions you require.
  • Where bulk data is transferred, Infolog hosts a secure file transfer server that supports SSH SFTP and HTTPS web client access. The server can perform both public key authentication with password for SFTP connections and IP white listing. The solution is HIPAA Compliant and FIPS 140-2 validated, with full logging and auditing.

Custom Reports

Get customised reports to meet specific business needs. Custom reports run multiple queries which are then returned with a scored summary page, and with the relevant reports attached. These can strip cost from your processes while improving consistency and accuracy.

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We can tailor existing template reports to support your needs in the following areas:

  • Infolog Identity Plus for compliance in Anti-Money Laundering/Know Your Client processes.
  • Supplier Reports for processes such as procurement, or in audit to identify providers who may have set a business structure to circumvent rules or gain access to higher funding.
  • On-boarding customers and clients.
  • Licensing of businesses or individuals by government or regulatory authority.
  • Extended Companies Report for corporate and government organisations to assess risk and identify links between entities.
  • Insolvency / Asset Reports to locate assets belonging to a person or entity over any time period.

Infolog Service Layers/API’s

Infolog provides a range of Application Protocol Interfaces (APIs) to integrate our services into your business systems. Your IT system can get the search results returned directly to complete the relevant business process, or move to the next stage in the process.

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  • With the increasing use of robotics, this will be a growth area. Robotics requires quality data as a key component in the decision process.
  • Using Infolog APIs provides your systems with direct access to ‘Big Data’, but without the costs of accruing, storing, managing, validating, cleansing, keeping up to date or hosting the data.
  • Infolog will partner with you with you to ensure our API solution meets your requirements.
  • As Infolog adds new services and features, we define upgrade paths and future features to our API solutions.

Infolog Notification Service

This lets you know you when your selected ‘detail of interest’ within an entity changes. Integrated into your business processes they enable organisation to operate in a proactive rather than reactive manner, this also helps reduce downstream costs and exposure to risk. Notifications of change also allow organisations to meet their AML/KYC Monitoring requirements.

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Infolog has a complete ‘Notification Suite’ which allows you to manage all your Notifications easily, either at file level or in bulk. Developed to scale with a government client, this is essential once you engage in any number of the following:

  • AML/CFT Act Monitoring. The Notification Service simplifies complex compliance requirements in relation to your ongoing monitoring.
  • Reduce business risk by monitor changes in suppliers, and ensure diversity of supply.
  • Other uses include audit, credit control and investigation.

Procurement Solutions

Infolog offers multiple services that support the procurement. We appreciate the importance of these decisions, as getting it wrong is costly. Reduce risk, while increasing the speed and value achieved.

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  • We offer the complete package from basic credit reporting right through to full due diligence.
  • Infolog Notifications also support your procurement team. Reduce business risk, monitor changes in suppliers in structure or name, and ensure diversity of supply.
  • Protect your brand by knowing exactly who you are doing business with.
  • We offer these services via the Portal but can offer bulk services in this area to review your existing providers.
  • Relationships between parties can be explored and exposed, to ensure diversity of supply and meet internal risk requirements.

Smartphone App

Infolog can deliver a custom-built app, or partner with your chosen software developers to build apps that add value to your business and your customers. Your creativity and insights will be supported by high-quality information.

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  • Mobile applications can be supported with the many Infolog data services.
  • Information can be verified and passed back to you directly, or passed back to you in an enhanced form via Infolog.
  • Nothing beats an aesthetically pleasing UI that delivers a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Infolog supports secure SSO which allows your people to move easily between your system and ours.

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  • Your people only have to login once to move between your software application and the Infolog Portal with all its resources.